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Julie's Pantry by FLIK

Tidy Up

Tidy Up

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Tidy Up is a gift box that embraces cleanliness, eco-conscious living, and a commitment to the environment. This thoughtfully curated collection includes the White FLIK Towel, a versatile addition for maintaining a clean home. Stay refreshed and germ-free with the Botanical Hand Sanitizer. The Solid Dish Soap, which is plastic-free, vegan, and zero waste, adds an eco-friendly touch to your cleaning routine. The Bamboo & Hemp Kitchen Dish & Veggie Scrub is perfect for scrubbing away dirt and maintaining a spotless kitchen. Tidy Up is an ideal gift for those who value cleanliness, sustainability, and a clutter-free lifestyle, making everyday tasks a little more eco-conscious and enjoyable.

Gift Box Includes:

  • White FLIK Towel
  • Botanical Hand Sanitizer
  • Solid Dish Soap (Plastic free, vegan, and zero waste)
  • Bamboo & Hemp Kitchen Dish & Veggie Scrub


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