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Purposeful Food. Chef + Registered Dietitian Centered.

We are a Chef and Registered Dietitian driven company on a mission to provide food with purpose. We believe that food not only nurtures your mind, body, and soul, but most importantly it must be enjoyed. A life lived depriving yourself of the foods you love is not a life that our Chefs and Registered Dietitians want you to lead. We create food memories that you will share with family and friends that will last a lifetime. Now, that's a life well lived.

Savory Delights

Welcome to "Savory Staples" – where taste meets purpose, and every bite... 

Home Basics

Welcome to Home Basics! your kitchen is calling for our chefs must have kitchen essentials and... 

Pantry Essentials

Welcome to Our Pantry Essentials! Discover a delectable assortment of jams, sauces,... 

On A Mission For Change

Sustainability is not a trendy term for us. It is a pillar in our foundation. The food industry has a significant impact on the planet. The foods and materials we source are from vendors and partners that give back not only to the community, but the earth. Minimal impact, down to the algae ink on our boxes allowing you to recycle and compost without worry. We believe in giving back what we take and taking as little as we need from Mother Earth to pave the way for the future to come.

Our Values