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Our Favorite Olive Wood Spoon

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A great wooden spoon is a must in our kitchens and should be in yours too. You might think, why a wooden spoon and why wood in the kitchen? Not just because they are timeless as far as the look, but they are extremely functional. They are strong enough to scrape the bottom of the pan, but soft enough to not cause damage. Plus, they are all natural. These are the perfect gift or for you and your kitchen as well. 

Don't be afraid of maintenance as these are easy. Just hand wash and towel dry. You can use food grade mineral oil or our wood jam. 

This spoon is 12" in length with a beautiful olive wood that has an elegant natural wood grain. Because olive wood has a high natural oil content, they are also considered to be ani-bacterial. It is a win-win all around. 

Can't make up your mind on the spoon or spatula? Get the set!