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Earth Love

Earth Love

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Introducing our Earth Love Gift Box – a celebration of sustainable living and the beauty of our planet. Inside this eco-conscious collection, you'll find an array of thoughtful treasures. Embrace the shift towards a greener lifestyle with the reusable produce bag, a handy companion for eco-conscious grocery shopping. The bee's wax wraps, available in both large and medium sizes, add a touch of eco-conscious elegance to your kitchen, keeping your food fresh and reducing plastic waste. With the Seattle Seed Culinary Herb Garden, you can cultivate your own culinary herbs and savor the flavors of homegrown goodness. And to make gardening even more enjoyable, we've included the wood seed stripper, ensuring a more efficient and eco-friendly gardening experience. Share our Earth Love Gift Box and inspire a deeper connection with our planet, reminding loved ones of the importance of protecting and nurturing Mother Earth.

Gift Box Includes:

  • Reusable Produce Bag
  • Bee's Wax Wrap - Large (1)
  • Bee's Wax Wrap - Medium (1)
  • Seattle Seed Culinary Herb Garden 
  • Wood Seed Stripper
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