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Want to be more friendly to the Earth and minimize your impact but not sure where to start? This box covers all of the essentials to get you on the right track towards going green. These are all of our favorite must haves in our kitchens and definitely minimize overall impact on the environment. The small changes you will make with what's inside this box have a big impact. 


Reusable Striped Navy Blue Canvas Tote (1 each)

Reusable Produce Bag (1 each)

Culinary Herb Garden Seeds (5 seed packets: -Parsley -Sage -Chives -Basil -Thyme)

Writable Slate Plant Markers (4 each)

Bee's Wrap Reusable Wraps (3 each)

Solid Dish Soap with Brush/Scrubber (1 each)

ODE Botanical Hand Sanitizer in Glass (3.7 oz)

ODE Olive Oil Lip Balm (1 each)